Photos of Marcel, z'l, with family, and others.

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Marcel and Midnight,
 the kitty he found in family's NY garden. Marcel immediately adopted the stray kitty, took it to vet, and bought an airplane ticket and airplane cage for it, and brought it home where he bought furniture for kitty. Marcel said that he kept the kitty in his shirt, and not the required cage in the airplane.
(Everyone claimed that Marcel was like a cat with 9 lives.)
© Joy Krauthammer

at Aviva & Brett's chuppah

Marcel receives Salkin award 
from LA's Trudea Society
American Lung Association
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel in our garden
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel golfing in our home hallway
I finally caught him in the act.
At least there were no windows to break in the hallway,
just carpeting to ruin.
(Marcel's mother needlepointed the framed musicians at far end of hallway.)
(I wove the weavings hanging in hallway.)
© Joy Krauthammer

Wedding invitation
November 10th, 1974

Wedding of Marcel & Joy

Wedding of Aviva & Brett

Marcel, Joy and Aviva at UCSB graduation. Mazal Tov
© Joe Rudy

Marcel, Joy, Aviva
& The Scream.
Aviva's UCSB years.

Aviva, Marcel, Joy

Marcel, Joy, Aviva
Marcel's UCLA / VA retirement party

Marcel, Joy, Aviva 1990

Marcel, Joy, Aviva
Getty Museum

Marcel, Joy, Aviva
(Found photo in Marcel's mom's home and I photo'ed it.)

Marcel's birthday, Joy, Aviva
Elephant Bar, Santa Barbara

Marcel, Joy, Aviva
Thanksgiving at Alan Levy & Suzanne Roth's home

Marcel & Aviva, 2 months
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel & Aviva
Sepulveda VA golfing

Marcel & Joy
© Willy Leon

Marcel & Joy 2002

Marcel & Joy 2002

Marcel & Joy 2001

Marcel & Joy
Feb. 2002

Marcel & Joy

Marcel & Joy


Marcel's Samurai Birthday at Musachi
favorite Japanese local restaurant with fish sushi.

Marcel and Shelly Rosenbaum-- dedicated pal to the last day
© Joy Krauthammer

Loyal pal Brian, seen in photo below, continues for years to visit with Joy, the cemetery grave
and leave a stone.

Marcel & Joy's 30th anniverary surprise party
Our dearest San Fernando Valley FRIENDS for decades, all filled with Chesed.
Jim, Arnold Bryman & Louisa, Hana Reff, (Ben Reff hidden), Peppe Rosenbaum, Irwin Ziment, Jesse Reff, Lisa Weisbrod, Aviva, Joy & Marcel, Yda Ziment, Joyce Kirsch, Brian & Karen Reff, Barbara Klaristenfeld, Faye, Shelly Rosenbloom, Sheldon Kirsch, Aaron Kirsh, Brett Freedman, Shelly Magier.
Alan Levy & Suzanne Roth (friends from before marriage.)
(Anniversary banner by Ariel Edwards Levy)

Marcel, stand-up COMEDIAN
opening act to Joy's Holy #7 Rosh Chodesh class 2.2.2003 YION
I gave Marcel 5 minutes, and he took 17!
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel Krauthammer, Rabbi Aharon Simkin
Young Israel of Northridge
Marcel celebrates Siyyum* after 14 years of Gemara study 3.27.2002
(with catered kiddush breakfast by Joy)
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel Krauthammer and Rabbi Aharon Simkin
Young Israel of Northridge
Marcel celebrates Siyyum after 14 years of Gemara study 3.27.2002
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel Krauthammer and Rabbi Menachem Bryski, Chabad of Northridge
Marcel served as Ba'al Koreh for 18 years for Chabad of Northridge 
*and also for Temple Ramat Zion traditional Minyan.)
This was Marcel's beloved rabbi at time of diagnosis in June 1988. 
Rabbi Bryski consulted with The Lubavitcher Rebbe who gave blesSings for the needed brain surgery.
© Joy Krauthammer  1990ish

Marcel Krauthammer & teacher R. Nachum Sauer, and R. Yitzchak Adlerstein
Palm Springs, Pesach
Marcel studied Jewish medical ethics with Rabbi Sauer.
Rabbi Adlerstein called every week and asked, "How is the good doctor?"
R. Adlerstein visited, and gave a eulogy at Marcel's funeral.
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel, R. Sheldon Kirsch, R. Steven Tucker
Marcel served as Ba'al Koreh 19 years for traditional Minyan at Rabbi Tucker's shul, Temple Ramat Zion.
Marcel knew Rabbi Sheldon from the Minyan and Young Israel.
They all visited Marcel at hospitals. R. Sheldon as a friend, served at Marcel's funeral and unveiling. 
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel and monthly polker pals at our home
Gary, Ian, Marcel, Julian, Joe, Mark
Marcel loved serving veggie pizza and rugelach to the guys.
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel in the Field every Sunday for years
NVJCC team, Northridge
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel loved softball
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel drums at REMO Music Center
first and last time.
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel and Israeli cousin Shlomik 
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel, Joy, Aviva, and Danny Krauthammer, Marcel's nephew.
Our garden, Dec. 1996

Jim, Jered, Aviva, Alan, Faye, Ariel, Suzanne
dinner at home with family and friends.
(My mom, Libby's, z'l, mobile hanging upper left.)
(Piano player batik by Amos Amit, Miro serigraph center wall.)
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel & friends
 Alan, Ariel, Jered, Aviva
Noc Hockey in our family room.
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel & brother Charles play Chess

Marcel loved golf in our backyard
(6 1/2 years later, I continually find revealed golf balls under every bush!)
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel loved windboarding in Hawaii
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel liked catching fish
 at father-in-law, Joe Melton's, Sarasota, Florida backyard dock.
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel loved hot air ballooning over Red Rocks at sunrise
Aurbergine dining at Oak Creek 1991
(I went earlier in day to save the special best table for Marcel.)
Sedona, Arizona
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel loved choosing his own etrog for Sukkot
at House of David, North Hollywood.
Each year we built our Sukkah.
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel & Midnight
kitty Marcel rescued
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel at home
with Sarge the cat
after a day of golfing
and trying to catch up with medical mail.
(Every day about 6 inches high arrived.)
© Joy Krauthammer

 I'll scan more...
All my earlier photographs I scanned of Marcel, 
AvivaBell put in her website.  Enjoy them. - Joy

Thea Krauthammer
Marcel's mom celebrated her 90th birthday
in home of Aviva & Brett,
5 1/2 years after Marcel, z'l, died. 
© Joy Krauthammer 2011

Marcel & Joy
Wedding of Aviva & Brett
© Gayle Gale

Marcel's birthday
(I would bring a big cake to the hospitals for staff to share.)
© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel & Joy

Marcel and Aviva
August 1978
photos and collage © Joy Krauthammer

Marcel & Joy & Aviva
photos and collage © Joy Krauthammer

Since I was family photographer, it was rare to have a photo of Aviva and I. - Joy

Photos above, shot, scanned, edited, 
and posted with love
hours before Aviva is due to give birth to Marcel's, z'l, and my grandchild.
L'Dor V'Dor

MAZAL TOV Aviva & Brett
Marcel's granddaughter, Maya Sage is born!!!
June 13, 2012
Baby named at Torah in Hebrew, Maya Nechama, after her grandfather, Menachem, z"l.
An additional naming, Sivan, adds Maya's paternal ancestors, Sol and Sylvia, z"l.
And Maya's maternal great grandfather, Shulim, z"l, Marcel's father.

L'Dor V'Dor
Marcel is smiling in Heaven.

Maya Nechama visits Marcel's grave site with parents, Aviva and Brett.
Chanukah 2012
 © Brett Freedman

Maya Nechama visits Marcel's grave site with parents, Aviva and Brett.
Chanukah 2013
© Joy Krauthammer

Placing her first stone. 
© Joy Krauthammer

Aviva, Brett and Maya visit.
© Joy Krauthammer

After choosing the undeveloped greater grave location because I wanted a standing stone, 
I chose the specific site on paper because it is # 118. 

Companion Estates
© Joy Krauthammer

Rest In Peace
© Joy Krauthammer

© Joy Krauthammer

Marcel Krauthammer, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine graduation 1971

Marcel's goal was to be the best Professor of Medicine, and he was.

Yeshivat Ramaz, Marcel's NY day school. 
© Joy Krauthammer  6.14.2015
Shot on day of Yeshivat Maharat ordination of Orthodox women 'rabbahs' held at Ramaz.

 Yeshivat Ramaz, Marcel's NY day school. 
© Joy Krauthammer  6.14.2015
Shot on day of Yeshivat Maharat ordination of Orthodox women 'rabbahs' held at Ramaz.
(How would Marcel have felt knowing women are being given 'smeecha' as Orthodox female 'rabbis'?)

Showing Paley Park to Aviva and Maya. 
Place where Marcel and Joy met to have their first date, before going to listen to jazz pianist, 
Marian McPartland play. 
Marcel had offered Joy to do anything she wanted, and Joy chose to listen to Marian McParland. 
photos by Joy and Aviva 6.12.2015
collage by © Joy Krauthammer 

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