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Letter to the Editor
The Jerusalem Post
January 31,  2006

"... The Jewish aspect of Marcel's life should also be remembered. Marcel - who never referred to himself as Dr. or Prof. but as a "proud Galitzianer Jew" - went through living hell during what were the most productive years of his life, but his faith in God never wavered. He was an outstanding Torah scholar with a worldly outlook. He faithfully read the Torah at two shuls on the same morning, even during his illness. 

"Marcel took much pride in sharing with his fellow congregants a beautifully-bound volume of Torah correspondence from his father, z'l, to him, beginning from his earliest childhood and going into adulthood. 

"His compassion for his patients - including my father - represented the highest moral and ethical teachings of our Jewish heritage."

- RICHARD A. MACALES,  Founding President Young Israel of Northridge

Letter to the Editor
Feb. 7, 2006

'Comeback King' who overcame all 
"Sir, -  Many in the Holy Land knew the late Marcel Krauthammer only as "Menachem Elimelech ben Tova Matil," through their misheberach prayers. For 18 years, while struggling with metastatic brain cancer and its horrendous complications, which he fought with the greatest courage, hope and trust in God, Marcel received blessings from all over Israel and the world. 

Richard Macales (Letters, January 31) recalled Marcel's passion for reading the Torah at two separate minyanim each Shabbat, and for his father's Torah teachings, and for helping others in medicine outside of his being UCLA professor of medicine, specializing as a pulmonologist, while serving as director of the Sepulveda ICU at the Veterans Administration in California. 

Marcel was passionate about Torah, Gemara and Jewish medical ethics; about Scrabble, dreidel, golf and comedy; about poker, computers, softball, skiing, tennis, ping pong, wind-surfing and Nok-Hockey; and about teaching our daughter to be an athlete and menschette

He worked beyond all physical straits to reach his highest potential. The "comeback king" never gave up, and never complained about his pain, even after two dozen serious surgeries.

 As Marcel's wife of 31 years, may I express our family's great appreciation of all those who prayed for him, those now saying Kaddish for him, and for all the condolences we have received."

Northridge, California

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