Marcel's Memorials

Marcel's, z'l, 6th yahrzeit

Today is the first day of Tevet, Rosh Chodesh. In 16 days, it is Marcel's, z'l, 6th yahrzeit.

This week for Chanukah, I sent tzedakah in Marcel's memory. I will do so again on his yahrzeit, and as I do also on yiskors. Chabad has already sent to me in snail mail, the little kosher candle in the can.

Hadassah's annual Yahrzeit reminder from Hebrew University Medical Center at Ein Kerem is on my fridge. "May you be comforted in the memory of your loved one and be blessed for the deed of remembrance." The shul where Torah parshahs are written in Marcel's memory, has also sent their yahrzeit reminder, now on my fridge. Reminders from other shuls are expected. A dear cousin of mine reminds me he says Kaddish. I remind my family.

This week with Aviva and Brett visiting for Chanukah, we went to the cemetery and left our stones and love. May the neshama of Menachem EliMelech ben Shulim v'Tova be blessed. I will call Marcel's 90 year old mother on his yahrzeit, in addition to my weekly Shabbat call.
 - Joy Krauthammer

Bronze Memorial IMO Marcel Krauthammer
Chabad of Northridge, CA

This bronze memorial plaque is placed in one of the two synagogues 
where Marcel served simultaneously for 18 years as devoted Ba'al Koreh, Torah reader.
For yahrzeit and yiskors, I, Joy, usually davven at Chabad, and touch Marcel's plaque, 
which I do every time I enter Chabad. He is not forgotten.
Marcel's family and friends at Chabad always remember him.

Plaque IMO Marcel
Young Israel, Long Beach, Long Island, NY
Krauthammers were active for decades at YILB.

Plaque IMO Marcel
Young Israel, Long Beach, Long Island, NY
Krauthammers were active for decades at YILB for decades.
Family redecorated the synagogue lobby and entrance in memory of Marcel.

To Shomrei Torah Synagogue
As was donated by Krauthammer Family Foundation to be inscribed
IMO Marcel Krauthammer, M.D.

as seen designed at the top:

IMO Marcel Krauthammer

At the time of Marcel's funeral and shiva, Krauthammer family purchased two Parshas being written
in a new Torah at Shomrei Torah Synagogue (STS) in West Hills, California.
Because friends, the Klaristenfelds, were filled with great Chesed during Marcel's many medically challenging years,
we made the donation at their synagogue, STS, IN MEMORY OF MARCEL.
This parsha is also IHO Barbara and Rabbi Ken/Chanan Klaristenfeld, for their dedicated friendship.
For lack of space, the STS lobby wall plaque does not contain all the important information.

Parshat Vayeira containing the Ikeda, written IMO Marcel, 
is read on High Holiday, Rosh Hashana 2nd day. 
STS considers this to be an honor.

The 2nd Parsha, Parshat BaHa'alotechaI purchased IMO MARCEL.
This was Marcel's Bar Mitzvah parshah.
Marcel read BaHa'alotecha every year, as well as every parshah, as he was Ba'al Koreh at two shuls.

Marcel's chevruta, Reb Moshe Cohen, z'l, and I, Joy, both shared Parshah BaHa'alotecha as our birth parshahs.
 Marcel taught me to chant Parshat BaHa'alotecha while he was literally on a gurney heading for yet another cancer surgery. I had a Chumash with me.

BaHa'alotecha lobby wall plaque was designed as:
IMO Marcel Krauthammer, M.D.   Love, Joy & Aviva K.

Temporary holding spaces not yet properly designed:

Detail 3 lines from bottom. Incomplete Dedication.

IMO Marcel Krauthammer
and IHO our friends
Sefer Torah High Holiday Rosh HaShanah Parsha dedication
at Shomrei Torah Synagogue
included our Krauthammer family.
At times I try to davven at STS and be in the presence of the Torah.

IMO Marcel, his yahrzeit annually is also remembered at Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem,
and by family and friends.

Garden In Memory of Marcel Krauthammer
Garden of Joy, Barlow Respiratory Hospital
Irises planted by Joy Krauthammer & AriellaShira Lewis

Matzeivah / gravestone IMO Marcel

I designed this stone with devoted love and great care to honor my husband, Marcel.
Marcel had helped me design this five years before his death, and I added to the design after.
The Krauthammer family name for the two of us is also on a "pillow block" stone.  - Joy

Marcel's matzeivah
Enjoy the lovely single pinstripe around words. 
See smaller Hebrew lettering to differentiate generic acronyms. 
The Tilda ~ wave, represents LIFE between birth and death. Life is not a straight journey.
Rabbi Yitzchak Adlerstein always said Marcel had Emuna and Bitachon / Faith and Trust.
I added Marcel's mother's name in Hebrew and English after approval from Thea. - Joy

Marcel's Matzeivah Unveiling
It took me a long time to decide that it is OK to include Marcel's Matzeivah Unveiling photos on this site.
I have no funeral photos from the 'standing room only' crowd,
 but along with Aviva and my sister Faye and I, my mostly local loyal invited North Valley close community was present for unveiling. 
Marcel's closest loyal friends, Brian & wife Karen, Shelly, Dr. Michael L. and Dr. Paul Rosenthal and wife, were present. YION minyan was present, those who said Kaddish with me, Rabbi, Avrum, and Lou Harris. Officiating Rabbi Sheldon Kirsch is not in photo, nor nephew Danny. Cousin Cantor Michael Russ is with wife Merle. Our dear friends present: Barbara, AriellaShira, Sandi and son Mat. - Joy

"There's No Place Like Home"
Marcel loved having our house sukkah that he built each year.
Montage by © Joy Krauthammer

Marcel's Shiva Memorials
Tables at the Klaristenfelds during Shiva filled with items important to Marcel and his family.
On far left is his Montreal HS graduation photo.
On right are many UCLA teaching awards bestowed upon Marcel.
In the middle is Marcel's tallit bag. He is buried, wrapped in his tallit with cut Tsitsit.

Aviva holds up the last Happy Birthday giant card made for Marcel.
Card was destroyed in the house water pipes burst situation that ruined his study room at home, Jan. 2012.

Framed photos of Marcel and family. I gave some framed photos to his mother and Aviva.
If I still had them, I would scan and add here.  - Joy

More photo albums of Marcel that I made in his memory and gave to Aviva.
Here are more of Marcel's awards, and favorite hats.
Marcel was buried with his favorite baseball cap, and with Oatmeal, his mascot bear that went everywhere on final medical journey with Marcel, including Heaven.  - Joy

created for Marcel by Joy.


From Hadassah, Jerusalem

From Hadassah

From Shomrei Torah Synagogue, West Valley, SFV, CA
Parshah Akeda to be read each Rosh HaShana 
Also for Parshat BaHa'alotecha for Marcel's Bar Mitzvah parsha.
~ ~ ~ 


  1. Blue was Marcel's, z'l, favorite color, which is why I chose blue for this website's border design.

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