Ten Years Ago ~ Life Support Began

MARCEL -  Ten Years ago 7.21.2005, asked to be placed on Advanced Life Support

by Joy Krauthammer  7.15.2015  (2 days before Tisha B'Av)

Reading a story in NY times* shared by Kalsman Institute and writing a REPLY note:

My emotions are running wild from tears and joy of gratitude that you share this important difficult article on 'end-of-life' "life support" (regarding the woman) to the pain that I experienced with my own hubby, z"l on 'advanced life support' for the last 6 months of his brave suffering. My own husband, an ICU MD, clearly wrote NO "life support" on his Medical Directive. At the 911 moment that it was clear he would die (after having already 9 lives), our daughter on the midnight phone said, "I'm getting on a plane to come". That moment Marcel then said, "Put me on, I'll try it." Life in hospitals was beyond miserable with that new decision, but Marcel got to spend more time with our daughter (and family and friends who loved him and could tolerate this). This is exactly the week TEN YEARS AGO (July 21, 2005) that the decision was made to accept 'Life Support'.

The serious Halachic* problem that I encountered was when only machines and tubes were keeping alive a body, and following *Jewish law, they could NOT be turned off or removed, and the Medical Directive was NO longer valid.

I share here good photos, not medical photos during the 18 years of cancer:

Shalom FB friends,  Entering the time of Tisha B'Av so I share about life and death. Haven't before shared this site on my husband, Marcel, z"l, but it is exactly 10 years this week that Marcel chose to accept 'Advanced Life-Support' for the following 6 months, and with a heavy heart I share with you this photo-filled site, and a single post, "Marcel, z'l: The Hero Within". 
What LIFE decisions do we make in our life about the control we have or don't have at 'end-of-life'?
Do YOU have a Medical Directive? Have YOU talked with YOUR loved ones?

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