Marcel's Favorite Things 1-3-07

  (compiled with love by Joy  1-3-07)

Born May 10, 1946  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (parents fleeing from Hitler)
Son of Thea and Shulim, ztl.  Brother Charles.
Married Joy  1974 with Chabad of South Bay
Daughter Aviva  born 1977
Father-in-law: Son-in-law Brett married Aviva June 2005.  
Machatunim Shelley and Rob Freedman

Ramaz Academy NY  -
Herzliah H.S.  Montreal, Canada  -1963
McGill University, Montreal, Canada 1963-1967
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx NY  1967-1971
Long Island Jewish Hospital  1971-1974  Internship, Residency

Harbor General Hospital, Fellowship Nuclear Medicine 1974 -1977 
Sepulveda VA Medical Center, Director ICU 1977-2000  specialist in Respiratory and Intensive Care Medicine
UCLA Medical Center, Professor of Medicine 1977 - 2000
President-Trudeau Society (Pulmonary MDs) of American Lung Association, LA County

Volunteer: " Ba'al Koreh / Torah reader", Temple Ramat Zion 18 years- Traditional Minyan and Chabad
Golf instructor, CSUN 2003, hitting golf balls, playing on leagues.
Celebrating Jewish holidays:  Loved lighting Chanukah candles, putting up sukkah, waving lulav & etrog, doing tashlich, having first fruits, putting up sukkah, doing Kaporahs, reading Pesach Haggadah Havdalah. Reading his Siddur all day.

Reading millions of medical journals, NEJM, JAMA, LA Times Book Reviews, Health, Sports Section, baseball books. Learning, asking questions, Teaching.  Received numerous "teaching Awards in the Field of Medicine".
Marcel loved to share his wisdom and give medical advice to friends outside of work.
Teaching all medical staff and student nurses, even as a patient.
Teaching at Chest Radiology conferences.  Huge collection X-Rays dedicated at UCLA Dep't of Radiology.
Jewish Medical Ethics--Halacha, with R. Nachum Sauer.
Torah and Talmud student, Gemora, 14 years with Rabbi Aharon Simkin.
Phone Torah with Moshe Cohen every Shabbat.
Phone Speaking with Rav Yitzchak Adlerstein.  Loved Chabad's Rabbi Menachem Bryski.
Torah computer learning with Rav Kalatsky  (Yad Avraham).
Enjoyed davvening Chabad, Happy Minyan, Temple Ramat Zion Minyannaires.
Loved chanting Ba'haalotecha Bar Mitzvah Parsha. (same as Reb Moshe Cohen's).
Shared chanting with Joy for her same birthday Parsha for Joy to read at her shul.
Loved listening to Jewish radio: Two Rabbis, and L'Chaim (KCSN) programs.
Loved making Shabbat kiddush and hearing Aviva sing the blessings.
Loved calling friends on their birthdays each year and having us sing Happy Birthday.
Loved visiting Impressionistic art at museums and buying all the books.

SPORTS enthusiast:
Long Island boardwalk bicycling, playing golf, softball, tennis, skiing, sailing, white water rafting the Tuolumne River, Yosemite.

COLLECTING books, music, golf supplies, jokes, puzzles, computer games.
Wearing baseball caps.  Baseball knows everything.  "Trivia buff".  Scrabble player.
Loves TV: Jeapardy, Colombo, ER, Watching brother Charlie on cable Fox News.
Writing in a personal dictionary book, new words he learned each day.

Radio, Word Puzzle Master on NPR.
" Comedy lover", stand up, participating, listening. Loved telling jokes.
Classical music lover, especially piano (played as child), Jewish music, music of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt"l and rock.

Computers 1980's, every computer club.  Practiced new programs with UCLA Computer Club pal, Michael Harris.

GARDEN lover, birds, hummingbirds, squirrels, cats, butterflies, flowers, view. (crickets sounds are disturbing)  Loves eating in the garden.
Marcel enjoyed his colorful Biblical Heroes' stories breakfast eating ware: plates, bowls, cups.

Marcel's LOVING FAMILY:  Aviva and Brett, Joy, Thea, Faye and Jim.  Marcel's bear Oatmeal.

Loyal FRIENDS:  Irwin, Yda, Shelly, Brian, Karen, Barbara, Ken, Moshe, 
Luisa, Arnold, Suzanne, Alan, Sandi, Jerry, Mike, Stu.

Loved JOY's MEALS: buttered plain wheat BREAD with chocolate sprinkles, toasted English muffin, plain bagels with lox, cream cheese, Bermuda onion & tomato, challah, garlic bread, croissant, fresh squeezed own orange tree juice. fresh and later frozen fruit from our own trees, Joy's smoothies with berries, figs, apricots, mangos and bananas. apple strudel, apple pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, bread pudding, cooked compote.
Bagels, lox, cream cheese with tomato & Burmuda onion, Kosher sliced white turkey breast with cranberry sauce, corned beef/pastrami, chicken, boardwalk hotdogs, lamb chops, potato knishes, cherry knishes, kugel & potato pierogies, Matjes wine herring, gefilte fish w/khrain. salads, butter lettuce, coleslaw, cucumber salad, home grown artichoke hearts & leaves, cream soda. Matzah ball soup, cabbage soup, cowboy soup. Asian Shitaki & black mushrooms, Japanese sashimi, seaweed, soba noodles, miso soup. Chinese fish, hot & sour soup, Chow mein. Thai pad Thai. Italian vegie Pizza w/mushrooms, eggplant parmesan, burnt spaghetti, soy meatballs 'n sauce, garlic bread, garlic mashed potatoes, spumoni ice cream. Indian vegies, mulligatawny lentil soup, potato samosas, aloo gobi, saag paneer, yogurt drink lassi. Greek Tzatziki-cucumber dip, spanakopita. Israeli schnitzel & salads.  Persian fish kabob. American Pancakes, crepes, spinach sour cream dip, Rice Krispies. BBQ fish. Macaroni and cheese, Subway tuna sandwich, pickles. Portobello mushrooms.

Cappucino, coffee ice cream. Tofutti cuties, frozen chocolate yogurt with berries, two toned chocolate pudding, chocolate bobka & delcos. ALL Fresh fruits, fresh vegies, cauliflower (no broccoli), baby carrots, celery, butter lettuce.  Dark bitter chocolate, Droste. Pretzels. Pomegranates, melons, green Pippin apples, Martinelli's apple cider, V-8 juice, Cel-Ray*, dried apricots, canned lychees, warm hard boiled eggs, Honey Bear. 
*Dr. Browns's celery flavored soda found mostly in NY and Fla.

Friends: Brian Reff's Indian food, Shelly Rosenbaum's chocolate covered raisins, Gary Pollak's pretzels, Tillie's Markman's pastries, vegie chopped liver from Sara Perlman and Bernice Brown, Edith Bridge's home made preserves, and Shabbat and yom tov doggie bags from the Klaristenfelds when not there himself.  Loved to "save" treats for more later.

Greeting CARDS from Barbara, Bobbi, Merle and other friends' cards, calls, visits, prayers. 

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