Marcel's First Yahrzeit, 
with love from Aviva, January 2007

My Dear friends and family,

This coming Sunday, 1/7/07, which corresponds to the Hebrew date of 17th of Tevet, will mark the first Yahrzeit of my beloved dad, Marcel Krauthammer zt"l. I think about him every single day, but on this anniversary, you can join me in remembering a multifaceted man who achieved great things in his life, and positively affected the lives of so many people.

We have compiled a few photos and videos from my dad's life that we wanted to share with you. At the bottom of this page is a web link, which will bring you to a website with a photo album as well as two short videos (a wedding speech and comedy routine) of my dad.
 The photo slideshow highlights many of dad's loves and talents:

Family: Loving Husband, Father, Father-in Law, Son and Brother

Friends: Entertaining, Honest, Loyal

Teacher: A respected and loved medical professor who challenged and embraced his students (*below are stories from a couple of his students I wanted to share).

Coach: Taught me everything I know (and coached CSUN golf students)

Jewish Learner: Studied Torah and Talmud weekly, chanted Torah for 2 synagogues. (And not only was it technically impeccable, but he embellished each word with subtle undulations that transformed the phrases into elegant and enjoyable music.)

Scrabble player (the scrabble dictionary was in tatters from his memorizing allthe 3-letter words + all the words you can make with "Q" w/out using "U").

Poker player: Texas Hold 'em and High low where his games….

Golfer: studied every aspect of the game, and in his last year in the VA league, won the league championship.

Stand-up Comedian: started out on a cruise ship talent show…and never stopped

Through his life, my Dad tried to do his best at anything he tried.  This was not an ego thing, it was a personal motivation and will that was unmatched. This drive was manifested in all areas of life…professional and personal. He never pushed anyone like he pushed himself.  He would feed his brain, his curiosity and his knowledge with a voracious appetite. My dad pursued so many interests in his life that it's hard to really capture them all. Above all, my dad was a modest guy; self-deprecating and always willing to learn from his failures and from others.
I hold these lessons close to my heart.

Love, Aviva


                             Marcel's 10th Yahrzeit

On Marcel's 10th Yahrzeit, Aviva arranged a memorial with friends and family
held at Temple Ramat Zion with Rabbi Ahud Sela officiating for prayers 
and Aviva leading reception. 

Marcel's 10th Yahrzeit Memorial
© Faye Melton

Marcel's 10th Yahrzeit Memorial
© Faye Melton

10th yahrzeit memorial candle created with love by Joy

I was pleased to see present so many of our long-time friends and family.
We held the memorial in one of the 2 shuls where Marcel for 18 years had read Torah every Shabbat for the traditional Minyan. Marcel read at both Temple Ramat Zion and Chabad of Northridge.
- Joy Krauthammer 

~ ~ ~

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