HOPE collage for Marcel

HOPE Square IMO Marcel  © Joy Krauthammer 

HOPE is in memory of my husband, Marcel Krauthammer, z'l.  Marcel had faith, trust & HOPE / emunah, bitachon & tikvah, never giving up, for the 18 years he suffered with metastatic brain cancer, paralysis and then life-support, until G*D, Giver of Life, reclaimed his shining soul on 17 Tevet.

We never gave up HOPE.

During Marcel's last years I slowly created HOPE collages from found HOPE words, and gave them to others, and continue to do so. 
HOPE is a collage of HOPE words cut out from newspapers and cards, while serving as Caregiver Angel Warrior for my husband, Marcel, of blessed memory.

HOPE collage is for my dear friends and family who hold HOPE, and in memory of loved ones, z'l who have held HOPE.
HOPE collage is in memory of the victims z'l of the Holocaust who did not give up HOPE.

HOPE is what we all need to continue to do our work in our world; to have peace/shalom, love, compassion, connection, healing, wholeness and harmony in Kabbalistic Four Worlds of spirit, mind, heart and body.

- Joy Krauthammer

HOPE quilt square is a photo transfer of my original HOPE colored paper art collage onto an 8”x8" white suede cloth, with added 2D hand embellishments of stickers, gold paint pen and colored markers.

HOPE collage is a quilt square in the Mount Sinai Shoah Quilt (on quilt's
far right).
The large finished quilt in memory of Shoah victims was dedicated on Yom HaShoah 2008 at Mt. Sinai Memorial Park, Simi Valley.

HOPE Square IMO Marcel  © Joy Krauthammer 
in Mount Sinai Shoah Quilt


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