Marcel's 7th Yahrzeit

17 Tevet 5773  2012 

Shalom, dear friends,

It's Shavua Tov time, motzei Shabbos, and I've lit the yahrzeit candle for Marcel's, z"l, 7th yahrzeit. Not quite middle of January, this 17th Tevet, but Dec 29 and cold and damp.

Maybe the magnificent double rainbows this week with seven colors each is in honor of the 7th yahrzeit.

Was really unconscious today about what I was doing as I stopped and gazed at length at the large hanging painted photo portrait of Marcel. I never do that, gaze. Then tonight, eating a sandwich, I unconsciously touched my upper lip while holding the sandwich and realized that that is what Marcel would do. Don't think I've done that before. Of course, the sandwich came from Subway an hour ago and for years that was Marcel's favorite eatery. 

Yesterday I scanned photos of Marcel with a baby kitty he rescued in NY. I'll put it in his web site. I'd tried doing it earlier in week but new scanner wouldn't work until his yahrzeit.

There is one of Marcel's white wiffle golf balls under a rose bush. It's there all these years, uncovered from top leaves. Wiffle balls weigh nothing. Why didn't ball get blown away? Others rear their little round heads throughout the garden. Every morning as I photograph the sunrise, I stand by the little white golf ball and acknowledge it. Maybe Marcel dropped it from on high, just for my pleasure.

At Chabad where Marcel served as Baal Koreh / Torah chanter for 18 years, I'll davven in the morning, which I do also for all Marcel's yiskors.
Marcel's Chabad friend, Larry, always shares the most meaningful and funny story about Marcel and Torah. Larry always makes sure that I have a minyan to say Kaddish along with me, as I am across the mechitzah. I share a huge book of Torah teachings from Marcel's father, z"l, that Marcel collected over the decades. On the memorial board, the little light is lit by Marcel's name. Rabbi Rivkin always shares special words about Marcel. He learned in hospitals that Marcel always asked about others, even when he himself was in critical condition.

I'll go to Mt. Sinai cemetery following shul and kiddush, even if rainy.
Interested in going with me?
Good loyal friends, especially Brian or Shelly, go with me each year, and we lay stones.

Aviva is possibly watching Marcel's favorite program tonight and drinking Cel-Ray, Marcel's favorite drink.
Aviva brought little Maya Sage Nechama Sivan to his grave site during Chanukah.
Thea said she is remembering. Family gets together in Maryland and goes to shul.

We remember you, and the true friendship you gave us all especially in the most trying tough times.
I still keep alive the two plants given to Marcel in 1988 by his pals. 
At Chanukah we sang Marcel's favorite holiday songs. On another note, Aviva says that Marcel liked "M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e" so she sang it tonight.

Hope all is light-filled with you.

BlesSings for health, wholeness, peace, revealed miracles, creativity, discovery, wonder, blooming gardens, love and joy,
and for LIGHT to DISPEL the darkness.
"Serve G*d With Joy"

"Divrei Shulim"
Marcel's collection of father's Torah teachings.
For many years, Marcel saved the weekly hand-written Torah mail from Shulim, 
written in several languages, following classes with Rav Yosef Soloveichik.
The letters were transformed into book copies for family members.
For Shulim's annual yahrzeit, Marcel shared the Divrei Shulim at shul.
I, Joy, continue to do this on Marcel's yahrzeit, in his memory.

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