Hazon Essay Dedication to Marcel

Hazon essay dedication to Marcel, z'l, by Reb Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen.


This letter is a continuation of our discussion on how a proper understanding and fulfillment of the “halacha” – the detailed steps of the Torah path – enable us to serve as an ethical and universal role model. This letter has two inspiring stories, and it is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Marcel Krauthammer - Menachem Elimelech ben Shulim. Today, the 17th of Teves, is the first yahrtzeit – anniversary of his passing. In honor of his yahrtzeit, his daughter, Aviva, and her husband, Brett, sent out a letter of tribute which mentioned that this beloved and respected medical professor regularly studied Torah wisdom, including halacha and ethics. His wife, Joy Krauthammer, is an active participant in our e-mail Torah study program, Hazon – Our Universal Vision. May she and the family be blessed with comfort, strength, and good health, so that they may continue to do many “mitzvos” – the Divine mandates which connect us to the Compassionate One.  - Yosef

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