Marcel's 8th Yahrzeit

Dec. 20, 2013,  17 Tevet 5774

Secular Yahrzeit is Jan. 17th, but very early this year, by winter's solstice.

Marcel's, z'l, 8th yahrzeit today

by Joy Krauthammer ©

Spoke to mother-in-law, and children, sharing love.  Went to one of shuls, Chabad, where Marcel served as Ba'al Koreh, Torah chanter. Touched his shul lit memorial plaque, (accessible also from women's section).  Appreciative of memories shared in shul by friend Larry Block; annual ritual that warms my heart.  Shared Dirvrei Shulim, the book of Torah's from Marcel's saved 10 years of letters by his father from when he studied with Rav Yosef Soloveichik.  Gave tzedakah.  More mitzvot in Marcel's name.  Made photo memorial collage for Aviva and sent it (and include here).  Thanked cousin Bruce Mossman for saying Kaddish at his Chabad, as my family did last night on East coast. Studied Torah. Viewed left over golf ball still sitting under rose bush in my garden since at least a decade ago from before Marcel was paralyzed.  (Every morning I stand next to that little white golf ball at edge of my property, as it lies where I shoot the sunrise.)

I'm grateful our friend Brian Reff went to cemetery with me, as he does every year, and cleaned flat granite gravestone, rubbing off salt remains from water. Since marker is flat, it is ruined by the elements. We left stones. I feel the years.

Flickering memorial candle was color of sunrise. Made more memorial art, and share this with you below.

BlesSings, JOY

'Out of focus' memories come more into view with yahrzeit candle lit against the rising sun.

(A few photographic 'Bokeh balls'.)


I shot the flickering candle in the cold wind with 6am sunrise in background, watched flame blow out, and lighted again, and again, and then photographed from inside for stillness.
In shul, I shot Marcel's lit memorial plaque. 
In a shul's parking lot, Temple Ramat Zion, also where Marcel had served as Ba'al Koreh, I saw this personalized vanity auto license plate, and photographed ABA / Dad ♥ YOU.  
Aha, perfect for today.  Made the collage and sent to Aviva!

Friend Brian and I drove to Mt. Sinai for our annual ritual together.

One month ago at Chanukah, I visited also with Aviva, Brett and Maya, which we do each time they come to LA.

Our friend Brian, caringly cleans Marcel's Matzeivah at grave 118.

~ ~ ~

One last photo I shot today.


During this year of Marcel's 8th yahrzeit, it would have been our 40th wedding anniversary

Today would have been my 40th wedding anniversary. We had a Chabad wedding. I bought my dream wedding gown in Tijuana for $25. Woven white cotton, fringed and sniut / modest. Made my veil, added Lilies of the Valley, and held three sweet white gardenias in purple ribbon. Made the boutonnieres for the honored men. My hubby, z"l, was a computer maven and I didn't need to know anything! So I'm spending the day today at Apple store. I've been learning...  - Joy

Something I never do is ascend, when the Lev Eisha women are called to the bima to celebrate their anniversaries with an aliyah to the Torah.  This year I did and announced that it would have been my 40th, an auspicioius time.  2014


  1. Joy
    As we are entering into Shabbat, I bless you!
    I bless you with continued healing over your loss
    I bless you with continued poetry, art, creativity, movement and music to accompany you on your journey
    I bless you with more forgiveness, compassion, love and friendship

    Your rituals and activities to remember Marcel are inspiring.
    Your picture below resonates within my heart.

    You were always there for Marcel…you were a good wife.
    God Bless

    With Blessings
    Rabbi Toba August

  2. Just lovely, the art and the memories.